Every single person is born with real talent inside.

It's not fighting & struggling which showcase our creativity, it's uncovering what's already there.

Who I Am

My name is Jay Battikha and I’ve been passionate about art since my earliest memories.  Gifted with natural talent and skillful technique, I can bring your project to life or teach you how.  Whether you envision a new album or book cover, canvas art for your gallery or illustrations for your stories, I can give you the artistic spark and mentoring you seek.

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What I Do

No two artists are alike.  Some are more unique than others.  Sometimes an artist isn’t just an artist.  Beyond the art, beyond the painting, my experience includes a variety of creative arenas.  With a strong technical and intellectual background beyond just artistic talents, the “smartistic” way is my philosophy of not only working creatively but with ingenuity.

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