Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need artistic talent to join a class?
A: No. Everyone has a latent talent for art and creativity, and the classes are just as much helpful for beginners as they are for more experienced artists.

Q: What age groups are classes geared for?
A: Anyone 18 and over can join classes.  Younger students 13-17 may be considered only with parental consent, although at this time a minimum age of 18 is necessary to join.  Please contact Jay to discuss.

Q: Can I register for classes at any time?
A: Yes, you can join the class schedule at any time and do not have to follow a specific schedule with other students.  However, after purchasing specific classes, please do contact Jay so he can ensure your class times don’t get overbooked.

Q: How is tuition paid?
A: 3-hour classes are currently $45 each and pre-payment in blocks of 4 are preferred to coordinate schedules optimally.  There are additional payment options which may depend on the class (see the class schedule), as well as discounts for bulk purchases of 10 or more and further discounts for members.  All that information is available in the shopping cart for art class sign-ups.

Q: Do I need to attend classes consecutively?
A: No although it’s best if you attend at least 1 class per week on consistent days for your own learning benefit and to ensure a predictable schedule for everyone and avoid over-booking.

Q: Do I need to register ahead of time if can I just show up?
A: Regardless of whether you register online or pay by cash at your first class, it’s preferred that you get in contact in advance to ensure there is space and to make sure other informational details are able to be provided to you ahead of time.

Q: Are classes usually full? Can I join last minute?
A: Classes fill up quickly and the space is limited, as well as there being a finite number of easels and work areas. Please get in contact in advance before showing up to classes you have not yet registered for.

Q: What art supplies do I need to bring? How much will they cost?
A: You won’t need to bring anything to your first class other than a prepared (pre-gesso’d) canvas to paint on.  You will be provided an information sheet on typical supplies needed for follow-up classes which will include estimated costs and places to find the supplies.  Supplies such as paint and brushes, palette knife, canvas, cleaning supplies, etc typically cost between $200 and $250 for a few months’ worth of supplies (depending on how much you paint), maybe a little more for premium quality brushes and paints.  You can get a pre-made Smartistic paint kit for $85 from our store which should last you for at least 10-20 classes.  If you are just planning to take drawing classes then supply costs are much lower, generally $50-70 purchased on your own or you can get a pre-made Smartistic drawing kit for $25-45 from our store which should last you for at least 10-20 classes if not much longer.

Q: How are the classes taught?
A: The classes are in a group setting and each student is given individual attention as needed. The classes are not geared to presume all students are at the same level, each student is offered direct instruction throughout the classes with the time balanced between all students as appropriate.

Q: What kind of mediums are taught in the drawing and painting classes?
A: For the painting classes, the focus is oil paint.  For the drawing classes, the focus is primarily pencils, and charcoal and pastels depending on the experience or desire of the student.

Q: Can I take classes with a friend?
A: Yes, it’s very enjoyable to have a friend with you in class, although all students attending need to be registered and have their class times paid for.

Q: Do you offer private 1:1 instruction?
A: Yes, you can sign up for personal art lessons at any time!  Lessons can be for drawing or painting and can be taught at your home or the artist’s home.  If you want painting lessons at home, you must have your own easel setup.  You can contact Jay for information on where to find an easel and what type to get.