Return Policy

Smartistic Refund and Return Policy

Regardless of product or service type, no refund, return or replacement will be unless the RMA form on the Smartistic Store site is filled out as necessary and submitted to us. Refunds more than 30 days after purchase will not be honored.

Product Returns

Physical products purchased which are defective may be replaced or returned within 30 days of purchase.  If a product being returned has been used in any way that would suggest minimal or no apparent defect, product return and refund will be rejected.

Gift Certificates and Memberships

Refunds will be given upon request within 30 days or purchase unless these items have already been redeemed or used in the context of their intended use.


Except in the case of bulk class purchases, class payments will be refunded prior to attendence so long as at least 24 hours notice is provided.  For bulk purchases, refunds will only be honored within 30 days after initial purchase regardless of the number of classes pre-purchased.


Artwork purchases, whether original or prints, cannot be refunded once the item has received in good condition. However, prints that are received with damage or unexpected problems with printing or materials shall be replaced with proper notice.  All print sales are final 30 days after initial purchase.